Ameritrade Stock-Broker Review

Stock Broker Review: Ameritrade Stock Trading

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Short Briefing: 

Ameritrade was found in 1975 and it offers product innovation and high quality customer service.      

TD Ameritrade, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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Brokerage Services include :

Ameritrade offers trading on Stocks, futures and options contracts, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Forex.

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PAMM 250


Ameritrade Available Account Types:

Ameritrade is offering the following types of accounts:

1) Standard Account

2) Education Account

3) Retirement Account

4) Spatiality Account

Ameritrade Trading Commissions: 

1) Stock Trading

Stock Trading at Ameritrade starts at $9.99 / trade

2) Options Trading

Options trades start at $9.99 / trade with an additional $0.75 per contract

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Ameritrade Basic Features:

1) Offers three (3) main trading platforms, ThinkOrSwim, WebTrader, and Trade Architect, plus mobile traders (check platforms below)

2) Ameritrade is including 3rd-party research (Jaywalk, Standard & Poor's, Morningstar and TheStreet)

3) Online Trading Community

4) After-hours trading 

5) No maintenance and inactivity fees

Ameritrade Trading Platforms:

These are all the available trading platforms by AmeriTrade:

(1) Ameritrade Thinkorswim

A stock-trading platform for professional-level traders:

• Variety of trading tools for applying advanced strategies

• Market scans by monitoring risk/reward ration

• Onboarding training tools such is thinkManual and Swim Lessons

(2) Ameritrade Web Platform

For beginners and everyday traders:

• Provides access to independent 3rd party research

• Educational resources for traders

• Track market sentiment and volume (via social signals)

(3) Ameritrade Trade Architect

A trading platform for active traders:

• Live streaming news and updates from CNBC

• Identify trends via stock screeners

• Interactive charts and a good variety of technical analysis tools


AmeriTrade Mobile Trading:

Ameritrade is offering iPhone, Blackberry and Android Apps.

• Variety of mobile apps, including an app for Apple Watch


• Fully manage your trades

Ameritrade Account Information:

There is no minimum account balance on Ameritrade, but a minimum of $2,000 is required to get options and margin privileges.

Ameritrade Promotions / Bonus:

Trade free for 60 days

Ameritrade offers bonus up to $600






√ Wide variety of trading assets

√ No maintenance and inactivity fees

√ No minimum account balance

√ Online Trading Community

√ Researching Available Tools

X Expensive broker assistance

X Comparatively expensive commissions




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