Best Free iPhone Investing Apps


Free iPhone Investing Apps

Here are five (5) of the best iPhone Investing Applications and Links to download them. All of the apps can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.



1. iTrade



Learn about the stock market. iTrade app lets you manage a virtual stock portfolio, compete with information from other members, and research stocks. Includes virtual broker fees.



-Download iTrade free from iTunes


2. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo's free stock app offers the best of Yahoo Finance on your iPhone. Manage a watchlist, view Tech Ticker videos, research stocks, and more.



-Download Yahoo Finance from iTunes


3. Wikinvest

Wikinvest Portfolio, monitors all of your investment accounts in one place. Automatically may import holdings from over 60 brokerages firms like Merrill Lynch, Fidelity and others. You can also research by viewing company charts, community analysis, and find news.


-Download Wikinvest from iTunes


4. Real Time Stocks

Real-Time Stocks is an easy and powerful iphone application which displays real-time quotes and charts for most of the U.S.stocks.


-Download Real Time Stocks from iTunes


5. Ask Dave Ramsey Show

This app has a database of hundreds of popular calls made to the show with real-life money questions and answers.


-Download Dave Ramsey Show from iTunes


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