Apple Stock Price Correction

Apple Stock (AAP) Price Correction

Recently the Apple’s stock (AAP) has suffered from heavy sales. The share price of Apple slumped from $644 some weeks ago to about $598 today. The rally that started at the end of 2011 has offered investors almost 100% as you can see in the chart below (yahoo finance). This price correction is considered absolutely rational especially if it doesn’t exceed 10% from the high price of $644. Apple’s fundamentals are still looking good (P/E=17.03 and DivYield=2,65%) while the company holds cash of about $100 billion. Apple’s capitalization reaches today 558 billion dollars. 


Basic Numbers for the Apple Stock 

Here are some basic numbers and ratios for the stock of Apple

APPLE STOCK (AAP) Current Price


52 week range

$ 310.50 - 644.00

Market Capitalization

557.44 Billion USD



Divident Yield % 




Number of Shares 

932.37 Million



Institution Owned 



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