Technical Analysis on Nasdaq using TCI Indicator


Trading Center has developed an innovative technical analysis indicator named TCI.  TCI measures several daily price factors (high, low, close etc) and producing predictions upon the price trend of any traded financial asset. Today, using TCI we are going to identify Nasdaq Composite future price trend but most importantly the upcoming time frame. First comes a short analysis, after a time frame and the historical TCI chart for Nasdaq since 1998.

Our TCI -technical analysis indicator is presented today for the first time in the World Wide Web or anywhere else.

TCI Indicator on Nasdaq Composite

Today is late Sunday, the 6th of May 2012 -and we are going to test TCI on Nasdaq during the period 7th of May 2012 until the 15th of May 2012.

TCI suggests that the Correction Phase is expected to continue (Short term Sell / Hold)

Nasdaq Composite during the past months has been strong reaching 3,134 points intraday in March, 27, 2012. The past weak a correction started and led Nasdaq at 2,956 points in the closing of Friday the 4th of May. This correction is expected to continue until the 15th of May 2012. Long term analysis of Nasdaq will be the subject of an upcoming analysis on Trading Center, today we focus only in short term. Using Trading Center index TCI we can design a time frame and set our two targets. 

►Low-1: May the 8th (after low-1 upward short correction)

►Low-2: May the 15th (after low-2 trend reversal to bullish trend)

Using these two targets we remain (sell / hold) on Nasdaq until the 15th or 16th of May 2012. After, we expect a strong rebound and the short-term trend to become bullish again. Remember that technical analysis can always be beaten by surprising news so there is not such a thing as safe predictions.


Below TCI indicator is presented graphically for the period starting May 1998 and ending today, May, 6th 2012.

More technical analysis using TCI indicator is about to come on Trading Center. Major global stock indices will be evaluated during next months.


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