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Trading Center Forum Rules

The most important issues when posting at Trading Center Forums is to be honest, to be polite and generally not to spam. Respect other users as you want other users to respect you.


Trading Center Forums General Rules


1) You can register maximum one account.

2) Be constantly polite, we will not tolerate any rudeness.

3) Do not Spam, if you do, your account will be deleted.

4) Your forum account belongs to you, and therefore you are responsible for any activity created within it.

5) All titles, posts and messages are limited to the English language.

6) Signature Spam is forbidden in every category.

7) You may not post referral or affiliate links within our forums. Furthermore do not post messages that are commercial by their nature.

8) Duplicate Posts and Cross-Posting are forbidden at Trading Center Forums.

9) You may not include messages or links or any other material containing violence, pornography and relative topics.

10) You should be honest and not recommend or praise products and services without first hand experience of them.

11) Any messages, posts or other material that encourage illegal intent will be removed and the account will be permanently disabled.

12) No discussion of how to illegally acquire copyrighted material or links to websites promoting subversion of copyright.

13) Any abuse towards may result in permanent suspension of your account.


Forum Rules - Profiles and Signatures


14) You may not use any kind of pure advertising material (phone numbers, plans, contact details, etc.) in your user name title or your signature.

15) Profile pictures are not allowed to contain sexually explicit or graphically intense images.

16) Your Signature may not contain any advertising material and may contain maximum one clickable link. Any signature that is offensive will be prohibited.

17) By using this web site, you agree to be contacted by the site administration if that will be necessary for any reason.

If there are any rules or policies you do not understand, please: »Contact us


Trading Center -Forum Rules

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