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10 Stock-Market Rules

Investing risk can be reduced using multiple diversification methods and tools.THE TOP 10 STOCK-MARKET RULES 

1st Stock-Market Rule

“The Market is Unpredictable” Rule

You can never predict the future, if you ever can, don’t waste your time investing in stocks and other financials. 


2nd Stock-Market Rule

"Portfolio Diversification is Crucial" Rule

Diversify heavily your portfolio. Diversification of risk is the only rule that is always valid in any form of investment. Diversify in terms of different companies, industries, countries and currencies.


3rd Stock-Market Rule

"Smart-Money is Stronger in Short-Term Trades" Rule

When you try to trade the market in short time periods (ie intraday), keep in mind that you compete with professional and trading-specialists (hedge funds, bank dealing rooms etc). These professionals form what is called Smart Money. Smart money can rarely be beaten by non-professional traders.


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4th Stock-Market Rule

“Buy The Rumor & Sell the Fact” Rule

Buy the rumor and sell the fact is a tactic widely used be professionals. Stock-market prices usually incorporate any good news long before they actually happen. 


5th Stock-Market Rule

“Be Sure About the Quality of The Management” Rule

Do not ever trust a company if you are not sure about the quality and consistency of its management.


6th Stock-Market Rule

“News is Already Incorporated in Prices” Rule

Do not make decisions upon something you red on a newspaper, 90% of all news is already incorporated in share prices.

7th Stock-Market Rule

“Instinct Usually Misleads” Rule

Do not make decisions only by following your instinct. Stock-market is a game based on mathematics and economic figures.


8th Stock-Market Rule

“Stock-Market Sudden Popularity Increase is a Sell Signal” Rule

When everybody is talking about the stock market you must sell the stock market quickly.


9th Stock-Market Rule

"Overall Portfolio Risk Management Matters" Rule

Always manage your buy / sell decisions according to your overall portfolio risk, not individually.


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10th Stock-Market Rule

“Accept Investing Risks only When the Stock-Market is Bullish” Rule

Stock-Markets are always moving according to time patterns. Participate only in periods when the market is Bull. A bull market that is expensive is more secure than a bear market that is cheap.


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