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1. MetaTrader-4


» Review at Forex Automatic

The most widely used platform in the world. Most brokers support it.

Stocks, Forex, Futures and CFDs. Manually and automated trading is available.

MetaTrader-4 Platform Review

► Download the MetaTrader 4 terminal here for free

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► Download MetaTrader 4 for iPhone

► Download MetaTrader 4 Android

► Download MetaTrader for Windows Mobile

► Download MetaTrader 4 PDA


2. MetaTrader-5


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The new version of MetaTrader-4. Stocks, Forex, Futures and CFDs. Manually and automated trading is available.

MetaTrader 5 Platform Review

► Download MetaTrader 5 here for free

Direct Download from MetaQuotes

Download free MT-5 iPhone terminal

Download free MT- 5 Android terminal


3. iTrade



Learn about the stock market. iTrade app lets you manage a virtual stock portfolio, compete with information from other members, and research stocks. 

Source Files for Programmers:


Download itrade source pack version .0.4.6 

v0.4.6 - Nausicaa2 

Other packages must be installed before using the iTrade source pack. Recommended by iTrade: Python v. 2.5 or higher, wxPython v. 2.8 or higher , Numpy v. 1.0 or higher, MatPlotLib ve. 0.91.x or higher and xlrd v. 0.6.1 or higher

2007-12-8 Download Latest Images Pack

Download iTrade free from iTunes

4. Zulu Trade


» Review at Forex Automatic

A widely used automated trading platform with a lot of Expert Advisors available.

Zulu Trade Platform Review

Open a 30-day trial account to download it.

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Download Zulu Trade for iPhone and iPad on App Store




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