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Trading Binary Options using Eztrader Platform

Trading Binary Options using EzTrader.

General Information

EZTrader has been providing its own platform since 2008 when it started to operate, being owned by Win Global Markets Services Ltd. It is one of the oldest brokers in this market. The fact that it is having its own binary trading platform makes the difference between this one and the others brokers. The key word for EZTrader is simplicity. Its platform is very simple to use and what is more it offers a profit that can reach 95% of the investment that you had done.

EZTrader Trading Platform

EZTrader is anything less than the first platform used for trades, fact that had a great impact in the Binary Options market. By using all kind of options that can be found on their platform, the traders can earn a profit up to 81% of the investment made, even if the average is somewhere between 60-75%. If you want to have profit you must know very well how to trade because every wrong movement means losing a large amount of money. EZTrader platform offers more sections than an ordinary one, being not as complicated to use. For example, there can be found “My Trade” section where the traders are permanently informed about the trades that they done or had done before. What is more, it offers an expiry time that is somewhere between 30 minutes and several weeks and because the purpose of Binary Options is to make profit, the traders can be adviced by the experts that can offer the information in a big number of languages: English, French, German, Spanish and so on. Moreover, you can trade by using only your mobile phone because there is an app that gives the traders this opportunity. The app requires to be downloaded and after that installed.


Trading Platform

Even if at the beginning its platform seems a little bit unsettling, it is a good one with a lot of advantages that made it one of the best in Binary Options market. There were made some changes since the year it started to operate, but those were ones in a positive way. The main change was made in the sources from where the traders can take the information that the need. In 2011, the management considered that it is better for the traders to take the information from LightStreamer, thing that disturbed a little bit the traders that used to take the information they need from their sources. You can become a real trader with real chances to have some profit because there are 9 different options that you can choose. There were made changes also in the first page where now, you can find the step in which is a trader highlighted with green or red, it depends on the options that you had chosen. For more information about the platform, you could read this review.

How to explore EZTrader?

It is simple and all you have to do firstly is to complete the registration that is required by your account, with the information requested. After that you have to choose the financial instrument, the option from the list that appears there. Obviously you have also to choose the type of trade you want to do even if it is a Call or a Put trade. If you choose Call it means that when the trade is finishing the prices are higher than the prices used in the execution and if you choose Put, the prices are under the prices used at the execution. To start trading you have to say the amount of money that you trade and then press “Execute” button.

-EZTrader offer bonuses to the users that are new in this field, after they are depositing money. There is also an option that helps the traders to walk away from a trade if they consider they have to do this.

-Traders can make a profit higher than 65% of the initial investment with the 9 different transactions that can be done. It is simple to use because of the languages in which the platform can be found and it is very profitable.

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for Trading Center, December, 1st 2013

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