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TrioMarkets™  Regulated Financial Company                 

TrioMarkets™, a start-up forex broker, has announced the launch of a new trading platform that aims to serve clients from over 50 countries.

The company offers a fully regulated, licensed method for making online trades. It operates under the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFid) and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CySec.

Welcoming New and Experienced Investors

New and experienced investors are welcomed at Visitors to the company’s homepage are encouraged to learn what TrioMarkets™ has to offer before opening an account. Potential clients are also given the opportunity to learn their way around Forex trading with a complimentary practice account. In addition, a comprehensive investor education package called TrioAcademy is available at no cost, enabling interested parties new and experienced alike to familiarize themselves with the TrioMarkets™ system prior to making any financial commitment. This site feature boasts fully interactive HD-quality video on demand courses in 15 languages, plus a glossary of trading terms and an e-book.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Smooth Trades and Enhanced Fund Security

The TrioMarkets™ trading platform utilizes cutting-edge technology to suit all levels of trading experience. The company has chosen the award-winning MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform for its ability to keep customers connected via web and mobile for anytime, anywhere trading.

By utilizing the most highly secured, encrypted safe house system available, TrioMarkets™ assures security and privacy, utilizing the most trusted technologies to keep funds and account information safe.

In keeping with regulations instituted by CySEC and practiced by most well-known European banks, TrioMarkets™ keeps its clients funds in a segregated account that is separated from TrioMarkets™ own funds. In addition, the company classifies its customers as retail clients, protecting their funds as such. TrioMarkets™ is a member of the Investor Compensation fund so that in the event of financial failure, its clients can receive compensation for any outstanding financial obligations owed to them by the company.

Up To the Minute Market Analysis System for Trading an Extensive Menu of Products

Offering trades on 48+ currency pairs such as the ever-popular EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD, currency pairs and other, less traditional pairs, TrioMarkets™ provides its clientele with an up to the minute market analysis system, facilitating exciting, fast-paced currencies transactions.

In addition to 48+ Forex pairs, TrioMarkets™ offers other popular assets including precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum), world stock indices (Dow Jones, Dax, S&P 500, NASDAQ), and commodities including wheat, sugar, and crude oil.

Global Accessibility and Dedicated Customer Service Professionals      

TrioMarkets™ offers communications in English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, allowing investors worldwide to gain access to Forex trading. Beyond the company’s intent to serve a diverse audience, TrioMarkets™ is accessible in various formats: Clients have the ability to make trades and use site tools in traditional online settings as well as via apps for Android and iOS.

TrioMarkets™ distinguishes itself by offering its clients and potential traders the opportunity to engage in live chats online in any of the six languages available. Boasting a top-notch support system, the company offers exceptional availability, with live assistance available via chat, email, or phone on a 24/6 basis. Forex experts staffing the TrioMarkets™ call center have the ability to field questions concerning the trading platform, and are able to assist with funds transfers and other tasks.

Contacting TrioMarkets™

For more information about TrioMarkets™, please visit or email info(at)

Parties interested in opportunities to become a TrioMarkets Affilliate or Introducing Broker should email contact(at)


■ Blog (2015) 

Exact Swing Points -Support and Resistance

Exact Swing Points -Support & Resistance

■ By Adrian Jones

Learn a Swing Trading strategy that’s so easy even a beginner trader could be trading it in no time! In this article, you will learn how to determine where exactly the support and resistance points and the swing points are on a chart. This is a particularly important lesson! Just about every system or method of trading at least takes note of where the key support and resistance levels are. I’ll discuss a double use for this method of identifying these points.

Now, how do you know where support and resistance really is?

The problem with Support and Resistance (S&R) is that it is not a definite number. It is not an exact point on the chart at which price will, without any hesitation stop.

In fact S&R is actually an area – it is not an exact number as we would all like to think.

The dilemma of course, is that in order to do our calculations we need an exact point. You can’t enter $50.10/20 area when using Fibonacci or working out your stops and limits. You need an exact number even though S&R is not an exact number.

Try telling your broker that you want a stop loss at somewhere between 50 and 55 and watch him burst a blood vessel. This is what I want to concentrate on in this lesson. This is a technique I have found to be particularly good at not only identifying strong S&R points but also swing points. In order to find S&R we must first identify market swing points. There are various ways of doing this but I am going to use the one I have used for years.

■ Swing Up

For the purpose of swing points we are not interested in the open or close of the bars only the high and low. Take any bar and think of that bar as the start bar (S). If there are two consecutive higher highs than the bar you marked (S) then that is a swing up e.g. bar (1) has a higher high than bar (S) and bar (2) has a higher high than bar (1). If there are not two higher highs than bar (S) then you move to the next bar and see if there are two consecutive higher highs.

This can be particularly useful if the market is trading sideways and you are trying to determine the breakout point. There may be many peaks and valleys but for me there is only one real point – that is the most recent swing up or swing down. Look at the next diagram

You can see that although there were a few highs and lows that you could have taken as support or resistance, but it wasn’t until bar (M) that a definite swing point had been identified and you could mark bar (K) with an (S).


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