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Don't try to outsmart the market. Respect the unpredictability and place wide stop-loss orders by applying limited capital leverage.

1. Trading Stock-Markets

Dow Jones Industrial Average


Companies Participate on The Dow Industrial

Dow Jones Industrial as The Indicator Of Global Upcoming Political Events

► Dow Jones Industrial Average

Stock Markets Links around the Globe

You may find links for some of the most important Stock-Markets around the Globe.

► Stock Brokers Review

► Stock Trading Books

► Stock Market Links 

 Options House Review

► TradeKing Review

► Scottrade Review

► Fidelity Review

► E*TRADE  Review

► Sharebuilder Review

Ameritrade Review


 ► Learn more about how to Trade the World’s Stock-Markets

2. The FOREX Market

The FOREX market has a daily turnover of about four (4) trillion US dollars. Forex market has no specific geographic location -transactions are made through the electronic network of banks. Anyone with a computer and internet access can buy and sell currencies through the FOREX market. 


-The Size of The FOREX Market 

-Why to Participate in the Forex Market 

-Four (4) Ways to Trade the Forex Market 

Market Size: 1.5 trillion US dollars daily transactions 
Market Size: 480 billion US dollars daily transactions  
Market Size: 1.8 trillion US dollars daily transactions 
Market Size: 210 billion US dollars daily transactions (futures and options)

Capital Leverage in the Forex Market 

 Trading Platforms Review

Forex Brokers

► Forex Books

Learn more about the Forex Market


Trading Oil


-Trading Oil Price

-Two International Oil Types

-How the Price of Oil is determined

-Alternative methods to trade the fluctuations of the Oil Price

► Trading Oil Price Fluctuations

A Historic View of the Price of Gold

The total amount of available gold in the world today is about 156,000 tons. Each year only 2,500 tons are mined from which the 2,000 tons are absorbed by the jewelry industry and the rest 500 tons are used as investment gold.

The history of the Price of Gold


-Looking at the historic fluctuations of the Gold Price

-Gold Rally during the 70s

-Agreements and key systems to control the price of gold until 1971

-Gold prices during the period 1257-1945 (British Official Price)
-Countries with the highest Gold Reserves

 Commodity Trading Books

Learn more about Commodities

4. Trading Binary Options 

Binary options or digital options are commercial instruments that are traded during an agreed period with a pre-fixed return. A trader can profit by just predicting the direction of a price trend. Either the price has moved 10 pips or 50 pips and either in case of call option or put option the profit potential remains the same. In contrast with standard options, binary options offer specific payouts based on small move of a financial instrument. Trading binary options is simpler than standard options as fewer factors affect their pricing.


-Time-to-Maturity of a Binary Option

-Which are the Underlying Assets

-How Binary Option are Priced 

 Binary Options Brokers

Lean more about Binary Options


5. Contracts for Difference –CFDs

A Contract for Difference or a CFD is a contract between two parties which are willing to speculate on the price movement of a financial asset (stocks, stock-indices, currencies, commodities or even inflation etc).

 Contract for Difference –CFD 

6. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

An Exchange-Traded Fund is a fund that tracks an index a commodity or a combination of financial assets. An ETF can be traded like a common stock. Increased liquidity and high level of risk diversification make ETFs the perfect choice for every investing profile. Below are presented all ETFs by category but also listed symbols.

► All Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

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