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Stock Broker Review: E*TRADE

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Short Briefing:

E*Trade was found in 1992 and went public in 1996. It has 3,000 employees and a network of 28 retail brunches acrossU.S.A.


New York City, U.S.A.


Brokerage Services include:

1) Trading stocks, futures and options

2) Trading over 7,000 mutual fund

3) ETFs

4) Bonds trading and Fixed Income trading

5) Foreign securities (77 countries)

Building Automated Forex Strategies (14-day trial version)...

E*TRADE Commissions:

Online Stock Trading starts at $7.99 / trade

$45 when a broker is used

Account maintenance fees are charged plus inactivity account fees

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E*TRADE Features:

1) E*Trade provides one of the best mobile trading platform

2) Free online research

3) Insights and commentary

Mobile Trading:

E*Trade is offering trading using iPad & iPhone Apps, Blackberry and Android Apps.


E*TRADE Account Information:

$0 on Retirement Account

$500 minimum for a Cash Account Brokerage

$2,000 minimum for a Margin Account

E*TRADE Promotions / Bonus :

500 Free Trades for a 60 Day period with a minimum account of $2,000.






√ Wide variety of trading assets

√ Six-Markets global trading

√ The best mobile trading Application

√ Banking Services

√ High value bonuses

X Expensive fees compared to competition

X Broker Assistance is expensive

X Account maintenance fees are charged

X Inactivity account fees



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