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The Foreign Exchange Market is the largest financial market in the world. Trading Forex currencies requires a basic understanding of global economics..

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Equity traders have access to thousands of stocks and indices from all around the globe. Trading indices is easier and safer than trading individual stocks…

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Commodity trading may prove very profitable to those who can recognize and follow the long-term commodity cycles. Gold and Brent are always at the center of interest of every commodity trader...



The decentralization of the global economy will lead to the adoption of multiple blockchain practices, including currency...

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Forex Major Regulators & Compensation SchemesForex Major Regulators & Compensation Schemes

Why is regulation important?

The Foreign Exchange operates as a decen...

Free Forex Trading Signals: USDX May/June 2018

■ Market: Foreign Exchange

Trading Assets: EURUSD | DXY

In a time of war and economic uncertainty, investors always seek safety and the US dollar becomes the undisputed king. So far, in 2022, the US Dollar gained 12...

Recognizing utility and the current level of adoption is an essential step for investing in the right cryptocurrency projects. These are some useful web tools for researching cryptocurrency networks.


Being able to measure and quantify risk/return is a top priority when trying to evaluate investment portfolios. There are a lot of sophisticated tools that can help investors evaluate risk-adjusted portfolio performance. These tools are also useful to compare investment strategies, indices, or even the historical performance of different money managers and hedge funds.

Combining Risk and Return into a Single Comparable Value

There are two main investing goals: (i) get the highest a...

MOVE can provide an early alert regarding a changing risk sentiment in the bond market but also in in the general financial markets, ahead of the equity markets.

The MOVE Index measures U.S. interest rate volatility. The index tracks the movement in U.S. Treasury yield volatility implied by current prices of 1-month OTC options.


a few investing tips..Being able to grow your life's savings through investment is important. Over the past century, the US stock market has offered the greatest returns, outperforming the housing market and other types of financial securities. These are some important tips for every investor.

1. The Investing Triangle

Investing is a tria...

Analyzing Economic & Business CyclesAnalyzing Economic & Business Cycles

What are Economic Cycles?

In general, economic cycles are the time pe...

CVD (Cumulative Volume Delta) Indicator

CVD is a powerful volume-based indicator that can show the cumulative volume changes based on buy/sell aggressors, for a specific period. You can combine CVD indications with other TA tools to generate reliable entries in the market.

The I...

Technical analysis can be applied to all kind of financial markets like stock-markets, commodity markets and the currency exchange market.RSI PRECISION PLUS (FREE TRADINGVIEW INDICATOR)

This is an enhanced version of RSI PRECISION that you can use on TradingView for free. The new oscillator incorporates RSI readings and key TA signals into a single tool.



Find extensive educational resources and tutorials (technical analysis, fundamental analysis, chart patterns, and more)

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Review and compare popular Forex and CFD brokers and find information regarding every major trading aspect (regulation, technology, platforms, accounts, fees, and more)..

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Free Forex & Equity trading signals using our unique technical analysis framework TCI (Trading Center Indicator)..

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