Fidelity Stock-Broker Review

Stock Broker Review: Fidelity

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Short Briefing:

Fidelity is a stock broker that offers trading in a wide variety of financial instruments plus it offers special services for retirement and banking. Fidelity Investment LLC was found in 1946.

Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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Brokerage Services include:

1) Trading Stocks and Stocks Indices

2) Trading Options

3) Mutual Funds and ETFs

4) CDs and a wide of Bonds available for trading

5) Plus Margin Loans

Fidelity Available Account Types:

Accounts available on Fidelity include the following types:

1) Brokerage account

2) Life insurances

3) Retirement account

4) Professionally monitored accounts

5) College saving account (529s)

6) Charity account


Fidelity Commissions:

1) Stock Trading

Stocks Trading starts at $7.95 / trade

2) Options Trading

Options trading at $7.95 plus an additional $0.75 charge per contract.

3) Mutual Funds Trading

Mutual Funds Trading on Fidelity costs $75

Maintenance fee can be avoided


Fidelity Features:

1) Online seminars

2) Fidelity strongly supports mobile devices


Fidelity Account Information:

$2,500 minimum deposit for a Cash or Retirement Account

$5,000 minimum deposit for a Margin Account


Fidelity Promotions / Bonus:

For an account worth more than $50,000, Fidelity offers 100 free trades

For an account worth more than $100,000, Fidelity offers 200 free trades






√ Easy to use trading platform

Online seminars

√ Local brunches

√ Banking and Retirement extra services

X $2,500 minimum account

X Options trading tools are limited



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■ Fidelity Stock Broker Review

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