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"Learn and Train before you start to Trade"

TradingCenter provides essential information and tools for learning and trading the Global Financial Markets and that includes plenty of educational resources, unique trading research, trading signals, extended reviews, and much more.


Learn continuously, Train a lot and have Time on your side


Market conditions in the global financial markets change by the day. Nevertheless, there are some particular rules that are always valid.

Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

In a sense, fundamental analysis forms the ‘brains’ of the market and technical analysis forms its ‘soul’. Fundamental analysis aims to identify fair value and profitable trades, while technical analysis focuses on identifying the right timing for entries. 

Fundamentals tell you where to go and technical analysis tells you when you should depart and when you should get out of the train.

Fundamentals are more important in the long-term, while technical analysis is more important in the short-term. Both types of analysis are useful in order to make the right trading decisions.

 More about Fundamental Analysis |  More about Technical Analysis

As a general rule, you must think like an investor using fundamental analysis and act like a trader using technical analysis. 

Making decisions based on fundamentals and choose timing based on technical analysis.

Other Categories of Trading Resources in the Learning Section

  • General Trading Resources
  • Trading Tips
  • A Historical Analysis of 15 Forex Currency Pairs
  • Philosophy Section

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Training hard before start trading is absolutely essential.

Seeking a Personal Advantage

Before you start trading, you should think of yourself and seek an “advantage”. A trading advantage may origin mainly from three sources:

(1) Theoretical knowledge and related-to-trading experience

(2) Current informational level

(3) An advantage deriving from your own personality

Personality advantages are formed by characteristics like discipline, patience, fast-learning, and researching-talent. If you don’t have at least one of all the above-mentioned advantages is better never to start trading. If you start trading without any advantage you will end-up joining the majority of retail traders who eventually lose their money in the long-term. If you do have at least one advantage then you might beat the market in the long-run.

Categories of Training Resources

The Training Section of TradingCenter includes a great variety of resources:

  • Identifying Chart Patterns
  • Harmonic Patterns
  • The Leverage Formula
  • ΔMP and Σ(ΔMP) Indicators
  • Trading Center Indicator (TCI)
  • Trading Rules
  • Trading Books and Seminars

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Profitable trading is possible if you are following continuously some important trading rules. As a start, you must define your unique trading profile and choose a trading strategy. Then you must implement this strategy with reliability, discipline, and clear decisions. When you start trading you should always keep in mind that you should always diversify your trading positions and hedge against all incorporated risks.

  • Trade Strategy
  • Diversification
  • Risk Management

Trading TriangleThe Trading Triangle and the Correlation between Time, Return and Risk

This is the Trading Triangle, a simple Model that is valid for all traders, and all financial markets. If you push one side of the triangle the other two sides are widening and actually, all sides are automatically adjusted to a new balance where the total effect is always neutral.

Have this triangle always on your mind and never believe those who are promising high-returns and low-risk in narrow time frames. It is simply impossible.

Stages Towards a Profitable Trading Experience

These are some important rules for each stage:

Stage 1: Prepare to Trade the Markets

(1) Find a good broker by choosing only among regulated companies. You may find a lot of brokerage reviews on Trading Center » Forex Brokers

(2) Focus on a few financial assets and learn how things really work for them

(3) Define your trading profile according to your desired exposure to risk

(4) Choose a trading strategy according to that particular profile and implement it with reliability, discipline, and clear decisions

(5) Have always time on your side and never trade money you will need in the future, not for any reason

Stage-2: Start Trading Rules

(6) Gain experience (books, seminars, paper trading, etc.) before you commence trading for real money

(7) Use a Demo/Practice Account before switching to a Real Account

(8) Choose an account type that fits your needs, if you are a beginner open a micro-lot account. If you are a semi-advanced trader open a mini-lot account, and then move to a standard-lot account

Stage-3: Never-Ending Trading Rules

(9) Use a money management (MM) system to control your risk, and trade setups to enter/exit the market

(10) Diversification is always important no matter if you are a long-term investor or an intraday trader. Diversify your portfolio in terms of different asset classes, different assets, and different currencies. Manage your portfolio risk in an overall approach and do not treat risk individually

(11) Run your profits and cut your losses. Most professional traders make their income only by 20% of their positions. Use trailing stops to ensure your profits, and stop-loss orders to limit your losses

Trading Signals

TradingCenter offers also free trading signals based on our proprietary indicators. What distinguishes our trading signals from others is that we don't follow exclusively regular practices. We have developed our own technical analysis system, which is called Trading Center Indicator (TCI). TCI is a model based on 2-moving averages and provides a unique feature to targeting not only price levels but also future time frames (specific dates to trade).

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In Trading Center you will be able to find numerous reviews regarding world brokerage services. What distinguishes our reviews from others is the use of our unique Rating Brokers Formula.

Rating Formula -The Need for a 100% Objective Rating Framework

The series of Rating Formulas by TradingCenter represents a brand new way of rating financial services. Most ratings found on the internet today are made by users (User Ratings). Based on research, more than half (50%) of these user ratings are fake. Brokerage companies have a huge incentive to hire outsiders in order to rate them favorably and rate their competitors unfavorably. The series of the Rating Formula is designed to solve that problem by providing a 100% objective framework of rating Financial Services (Brokers). The Rating Formula v5.0 is developed to rate Forex Brokers using some innovative features.

Start Reviewing Here |  Forex Rating Formula 5.0


Getting Started

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