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"Trading Center offers the chance to Learn and Train before you Trade"


Trading in the global financial markets is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Trading Center aims to explore and to define some rules in the dynamic field which is formed in those markets. By navigating in you will be able to find research, learning, trading signals and many articles regarding technical and fundamental analysis. The combination of these two types of analysis provides a framework that may lead traders to the right decisions.

Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis forms in a sense the ‘brain’ of the market while the technical analysis forms its ‘soul’. Both of these types of analysis are important in order to make the right trading decisions. Technical analysis is much more intense in the short-term while the influence of fundamentals is much more intense in the long-term.

Actually, both Fundamental and Technical Analysis is important for every trader and every investor. As a general rule you must -Think Like an Investor (fundamental analysis) and Act like a Trader (technical analysis). That means to make choices based on fundamentals and to choose entry/exit timing based on technical analysis.


From time to time in, you will find trading signals regarding Forex, Stocks, Indices and Commodity Markets. What distinguishes our trading signals from others is that we don't follow exclusively common practices. We are using popular systems (MetaTrader4) but also we have developed our own technical analysis system, which is called Trading Center Indicator (TCI). TCI is a model based on 2-moving averages and provides the unique feature to targeting not only price levels but also future time frames (specific dates to trade).



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Learn continuously, Train a lot and have Time on your sideSeeking for an Advantage -a Message to new Traders

Before you start trading, you should look at yourself and seek for something that I call an “advantage”. A trading advantage may origin mainly from three sources:

(1) from your theoretical knowledge, (2) from your related-to-trade experience, -or- (3) from your current informational level.

Even if you can’t find any of the three above-mentioned advantages in yourself, you still have a chance. As an advantage may derive also from your personality. (4) personality advantages are formed by characteristics like discipline, patience, fast-learning, and researching-talent.

If you don’t have at least one of all the above-mentioned advantages is better never to start trading. If you start trading without any advantage you will end-up joining the majority of all traders that eventually lose money. If you do have at least one advantage then you might join the rest of the traders that beat the market in the long-run.


Trading Center -The Basic Steps

As a start, you must define your profile and adapt the suitable trading strategy. Then you must implement it with reliability, discipline, and clear decisions. When you start trading you should always keep in mind that you must never stop diversification and hedge against incorporated risks when and if it is possible.

Identifying Investment Risk Day-Trade Strategies

Profitable trading is possible if investors are following continuously some important trading rules.

10 Stock-Market Rules 20 Trading Tips

In order to evaluate your trading profit and risk potential, you must have a good understanding of how things work in the financial markets. Profit and risk potential may be assessed by using some particular fundamental and technical analysis tools and techniques.

Valuating Stocks and Industries Technical Analysis Indicators

Fundamentals are considered more important to long-term investors while technical analysis is considered more important to short-term traders. In other words, Fundamentals tells you where you go and Technical Analysis tells you when you will arrive there.


Trading TriangleThe Trading Triangle and the Correlation between Time, Return and Risk

This is the Trading Triangle, a simple Model that is valid for all traders, all markets, at all times and all trading styles. If you push a side of the triangle the other two sides are widening and actually, all sides are automatically adjusted to a new balance where the total effect is always neutral. For example, if you seek for more Return Then the Risk and the Time Frame of your Portfolio are both widening ↑.

"Have this triangle always on your mind and never believe those who are promising High Returns and Low Risk in Narrow Time Frames. It is simply impossible."


3 Stages Towards a Profitable Trading Experience

Here are the three stages and some important rules incurred.

◘ Stage 1: Prepare to Trade the Markets

1) Find the perfect partner (broker) by choosing only among high-regulated brokers. You may find a lot of brokerage reviews on Trading Center.

2) Learn how things work. You must be able to read and to understand fundamental & technical analysis. There are a lot of similar sections on this site.

3) Define your trading profile according to your desired exposure to Risk. Then select a trading strategy according to that particular profile. (strategies like news-trading or position-trading or even automated strategies)

4) Define some basic rules to follow and implement your selected strategy with reliability, discipline, and clear decisions

5) Have always time on your side and never trade money you will need, for any reason

◘ Stage-2: Start Trading Rules

6) Gain experience before you commence heavy trading –use the experience of others through the web

7) Train on the markets (books, video, and seminars)

8) Use Demo / Practice Accounts before you trade for real money

9) Choose an Account Type & the Leverage Ratio according to your true needs. if you are a beginner trader open a micro-lot account. If you are a semi-advanced trader open a mini-account and then move to a standard-lot account. This is 100% crucial to follow.

◘ Stage-3: Never-Ending Trading Rules

10) Diversification always no matter if you are a long-term investor or an intraday trader. Diversify your portfolio in terms of different financial instruments, different markets, different countries, and different currencies. Manage your Portfolio Risk in an overall approach and not by an individual view.


World Brokerage Reviews

In Trading Center you will be able to find numerous reviews & ratings regarding world brokerage services. What distinguishes our ratings from other is the use of our unique Rating Brokers Formula.

Rating Formula v.4.0 | ► Rating Formula v.5.0


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