The series of Rating Formulas introduced by aims to provide an objective framework of rating financial brokers...

Rating Formula v5.0 –Rating Forex Brokers According to three (3) Different Trading Styles

“The most advanced Rating Formula ever built by TradingCenter”

Preface: The Need for a 100% Objective Rating Framework

The series of Rating Formulas by represent a brand new way of rating financial services. Most ratings found on the internet today are made by users (User Ratings). Based on research, more than half (50%) of these user ratings are fake. Brokerage companies have a huge incentive to hire outsiders in order to rate them favorably and rate their competitors unfavorably. The series of the Rating Formula is designed to solve that problem by providing a 100% objective framework of rating Financial Services (Brokers). Two categories of brokerage services have been rated so far, Forex Brokers and Binary Options Brokers. The Rating Formula v5.0 is developed to rate Forex Brokers using some innovative features.

What is New in the version 5.0 of the Rating Formula:

Version 5.0 includes many rating innovations.

(i) The number of the core rating factors has been reduced to three categories in order to make the rating categories more specific (Safety of funds, Transaction Cost, Trading Options & Technology).

(ii) The Formula version 5.0 focus more than ever on trading cost (40% weight) while new individual rating factors have been added such is SWAP charges, Stop Levels etc

(iii) What really distinguishes the version 5.0 from previous versions is that for the first time ratings are divided in three (3) different trading styles (Intraday Traders, Swing Traders, Long Traders).

(iv) The rating formula v5.0 produces actually 4 different rating values. There is an individual rating for the three different trading styles mentioned before (intraday, swing and long) and an Overall Rating which is the average value of the three individual ratings.

(v) The first Rating Factor (1.Safety of Funds) is common for all trading styles but the other two factors (2.Transaction Cost and 3.Trading Options) are generated by unique rating values according to the three pre-mentioned trading styles. This rating specialization adds value to traders seeking for the best brokerage choice according to their unique needs and style. Take for example swap charges which are very important for long-traders but absolutely irrelevant for intraday traders. On the other hand, trading aspects as the slippage on execution or the distance of the stop-orders are very crucial for intraday-traders but absolutely irrelevant for long-traders who execute only a few trades per month and leave a lot of space for their stop-losses.

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Rating Formula Mission: “Ensure Funds Safety, Pay Low Transaction Cost on and use State-of-the-Art Technology”




Introduction to the new TradingCenter’s Rating Formula v.4.0.

“Seeking an Objective Way to Rate the World's Forex Brokers -v.4.0 is the Complete Forex Rating Formula ever Built”

The Problem and the Solution

Since the birth of the Internet, all financial ratings are made by users (user ratings). Unfortunately, more than half (50%) of these user ratings are fake. And that is because there is a huge commercial incentive for any financial company to hire outsiders in order to rate them favorably and/or rate other competitors unfavorably. Evidence comes from the fact that most of these user ratings are given excessive values (i.e. 5/5 or 0/5). Of course, if you are very experienced with Forex reviews, you may understand which of these user ratings are real. The problem is that Total User Ratings found on the internet today are the Average Rating Value of usually many thousands of individual ratings, and evaluate them one by one is nearly impossible and certainly not accurate. Additionally, the new era of web robots will make real user ratings/reviews even more difficult. Favorable ratings attract more accounts on behalf of a financial company so there is an important motive for them to hire somebody to do that job. Of course, many companies wouldn’t get involved with fake ratings, but the problem is that we don’t know which these good companies are. Even if we knew these good companies -their competitors could still manipulate their overall ratings. If we take into account all these factors we may conclude that the current status of the user ratings in the Financial Services is not good at all, and shows the potential to become even worse in the future. The series of Rating Formulas introduced by aims to solve that problem by providing an objective way of rating financials. This way of rating allows adjustments in order to adapt the special needs of each trader, while it is focusing on all beginners, semi-advanced and advanced traders. The idea behind the rating formula is simple while its implementation is based on a 4-factor mathematical model. Each factor represents an important need for almost all traders: -1- Safety of Funds | -2- Low-Cost Transactions | -3- Wide Variety of Trading Options | -4- Technological Efficiency

Mission: “Be Safe, Pay Low Cost, use State-of-the-Art-Trading Technology”


This is the Rating StructureIf you are an experienced investor or a professional trader you know very well the importance of having the right brokerage services. Finding the right partners is a tough and complicated task. There are so many aspects to evaluate before you make a final choice. Safety of funds certainly is the most crucial matter each time a deposit of money is made to an online company. Many other factors also matter. The spread and the commission charged determine in a high extent the trader’s ability to make a profit in the long-run. Furthermore, the lack of technological efficiency may lead to delays in execution and highly disturb short-term traders.

In order to find a way to evaluate effectively the world’s online brokerage services, a rating formula was designed and how it is presented. The first version of this formula is applied on Online Forex Brokers. The maximum rating that a broker can perform is 100% and the minimum rating is 2%.

*The formula described below, is the version 2.0 of the Trading Center Rating Brokers Formula.


World Brokers Rating Formula 2.0

-Implemented on Forex Brokers


Rating Formula is Revealed and Applied firstly on Forex Brokerage Services. The rating formula is built by linking four major trading factors:

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