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Binary Options Strategy: Following the Trend Strategy

This is the most popular among binary options trading strategies no-matter the expiry time frame. By following the current trend, traders are able to maximize their profit potential.

What means Following-The-Trend?

First of all, there is not just a single trend of a traded asset. At any given time, a financial asset is the subject of many different price trends. Each trend is deriving from the time horizon which a trader is using. Any different chart time frame produces a different trend. For example, the 1-minute chart may produce a very bullish trend while the 15-minutes chart to indicate a highly bearish trend.


Technical Analysis Tools to Identify the Trend

There are tens of popular technical analysis tools to identify and evaluate a market trend. The most common technical analysis tools are:

◘ Moving Averages

◘ The MACD

◘ Relative Strength Index (RSI)

◘ Parabolic SAR, and many more

Nomura Global Economic Outlook 2012-2013


According to Nomura, the world economic growth is about to slow a little bit in the rest of 2012 -This is mainly due to the fact that the European economy enters a recession period. The world’s GDP is expected to grow by 3.4% in 2012 while it grew 3.7% in 2011. The growth in emerging markets (BRIC) is expected still very strong (5.9%) while the growth in developing economies is expected relatively weak, at about 1.3%.

These are the major global economic outlooks for 2012-2013.


United States

Nomura prediction for US GDP

■ GDP in 2012 is expected to grow by 2.2%
■ GDP in 2013 is expected to grow by 2.3%

Nomura prediction for US unemployment

■ Unemployment in 2012 is expected 8,1%

■ Unemployment in 2013 is expected at 7.9%

Risks for US Economy

■ Oil prices may influence the course of inflation

■ Uncertainty concerning US elections and the negative impact on US fiscal policy

Gold status in 2014 According to Analysts

Because of the volatility of gold markets this year, investors and traders are thinking twice about the presence of the precious commodity in their portfolios. Should they retain the metal, or venture into something else which doesn’t fluctuate as much? Yet, everyone knows there’s no certainty when it comes to financial security, so as much as possible, experts still insist that diversification is the best way to go—and gold is still the best option for diversifying a portfolio as its prices don’t follow the trend of other assets which downgrade all at the same time. As the year draws to a close, are things looking up for gold?

Even though the future brings unpredictability, trends in the markets may somehow forecast the state of the commodity for 2014. The majority opinion is apparently still positive. Forex and financial trading blog in a recent post stated that gold still has strong fundamentals, and concluded that “gold is improving by the day.” Despite downtrends in the near-term, longer-term picture may more likely see the metal on the rise. Adrian Ash, head researcher of, shares this optimism in his fresh analysis. The clamor for gold investments will gradually be revived along with the “robust demand from Asia”, according to his article.

To answer the aforementioned question, therefore, it would seem that the metal is surging. This is precisely what {Business Insider} currently reported while noting that the metal experienced a pitch forward, especially from the North American trading market. The Business Section of The Australian, while acknowledging that some gold stocks are likely to have a dim future, global gold output remains strong. In the article, Morgan Stanley was quoted saying that “when margins are depressed, any movement in the gold price will have a strong multiplier effect on equity price valuations.”


Gold status in 2014 according to Analysts, December, 9th 2013

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