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The Most Important Forex Indicators Any Trader Needs to Know

If you're a novice Forex trader, you may be unsure as to how best to follow the market. There seems to be a large range of options, and a hodgepodge of information to sort through.

But there are straightforward ways to carve yours through the morass. Forex indicators prepare you to make the right decisions to grow your money.

What are Forex indicators?

Forex trading indicators are tools used to analyze the market - they use mathematical equations to quantify the past behavior of the price of an asset, and thereafter to forecast future movement. In doing so, they give you the information you need to decide whether to buy or sell.


Forex trading indicators you need to to know

Ideally, you should be aware of each Forex indicator and how it works. Maybe one day you will. But most traders don’t, and it’s not entirely necessary. However, there are certain indicators you absolutely need to know in order to increase your understanding of the markets.

Online Forex trading

Online Forex trading is the exchange of one currency for another simultaneously, using a trading platform. Online trading platforms allow traders to speculate on the exchange rate between two different currencies. With online trading software, you can carry out a Forex trade in an attempt to make a profit directly from your personal computer. The foreign exchange market has more daily volume from traders and purchasers than all other financial markets in the world. In addition, the currency market is available 24 hours a day and trades 5 days out of the week. The reported volume of trades in the currency market is estimated to be $4.3 trillion globally. This enormous volume makes online Forex trading one of the most exciting investment opportunities available. Before online currency trading, central, investment and commercial banks were the primary participants in the Forex market. However, now that technology has allowed individuals to access this market, there are a fairly large number of individual currency traders.

Currency Pair Quotes

Currencies are always quoted in a pair like EUR/USD or USD/JPY. Currency that is listed first is referred to as the base currency and the second listed currency is the quoted or counter-currency. The base currency is currency on which the trade is based upon. For instance, if you purchase USD/JPY you have purchased JPY while you traded USD. You would open this trade with the hopes that the USD would appreciate compared to JPY.

Binary Options Trading: What the beginners need to know?

Binary Options consists of a handy and efficient financial instrument that can offer traders high profits. Only one item of difference between the prices of a particular asset provides you with a result, which is available on the balance after the deal in the online environment. Here at the payout from the ended option depends on the broker you deal with. However, the fixed amount of payouts gives a possibility to involve lesser risk during trading and keep control under your investment portfolio.

Are the binary options a casino?

This is nonsense. The first and the main argument to prove it is that traders always know for certain what the amount of their profits or loss can be.

In contrast to the stock exchange, here the traders should only determine whether the price rate in a limited period of time will be above or down if compared to the current rate. In fact, a trader should catch only one item of prices difference in a preset interval.

Trader’s psychology

Psychological factor and ability to trade rationally are two of the main requirements of successful trading. The calm trader is the best trader. In this case, your emotion can affect directly your personal account.

These trade operations are simple to conduct but are difficult on a psychological level of the trader. The difficulty is in the decision-making process, which sometimes can be considered illogical. The optimal decision for this is to be separated from your emotions. Since the result always depends on a trader’s emotional state, their instability should make them stop trades and use all means to relax. Do not let your emotions control you and make you change your strategy.

How will CFD Trading be Effected by European Regulations in 2018?

How will CFD Trading be Effected by European Regulations in 2018

By their very nature, retail trading and vehicles such as CFDs (contracts-for-difference) represent risky business. After all, they tend to operate in low-growth consumer markets, while they also make it difficult for investors to enter into emerging marketplaces.

Retail trading is also likely to be significantly impacted by regulatory measures and compliance issues, which continue to change the landscape for investors and move the boundaries of best practice.

This is particularly relevant in the current climate, with European regulators keen on toughening standards in the retail trading market and protecting online traders.

In this post, we’ll ask how CFD trading in particularly will be affected by proposed regulatory changes in the year ahead:

An Extension of UK Plans – What does the Regulator have in Mind?

As part of a proposed continent-wide overhaul, the European regulators will strive to provide guaranteed loss limits to customers in 2018, while targeting specific products that are deemed to carry excessive and disproportionate risk. This follows a sudden UK crackdown last winter, which hit the capital hard and caused many market leaders to lose around a third of their share values.

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