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The Foreign Exchange Market is the largest financial market in the world. Trading Forex currencies requires a basic understanding of global economics..

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Equity traders have access to thousands of stocks and indices from all around the globe. Trading indices is easier and safer than trading individual stocks…

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Commodity trading may prove very profitable to those who can recognize and follow the long-term commodity cycles. Gold and Brent are always at the center of interest of every commodity trader...



The decentralization of the global economy will lead to the adoption of multiple blockchain practices, including currency...

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Find extensive educational resources and tutorials (technical analysis, fundamental analysis, chart patterns, and more)

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Review and compare popular Forex and CFD brokers and find information regarding every major trading aspect (regulation, technology, platforms, accounts, fees, and more)..

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Free Forex & Equity trading signals using our unique technical analysis framework TCI (Trading Center Indicator)..

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Historically, financial markets tend to follow certain patterns. Traders who obtain the ability to understand and identify particular market patterns are also able to make successful trades in the long-run. Profitable trading is possible if investors have the talent, follow certain rules, and apply diversification continuously in their portfolio.

TradingCenter provides essential education and tools for sucessfully learning and trading the Global Financial Markets.


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How to Trade with the TD Sequential (Tom Demark)

What is the TD Sequential?

The TD (Tom Demark) Sequential is a powerful tool designed to identify the exact time of trend exhaustion and price reversal. It is a counter-trend tool that aims to solve the problem of several TA indicators that are profitable during trending markets but perform very poorly in ranging markets. TD Sequential can be used in any timeframe and in any market conditions. However, it is more...

Explaining BitMex Perpetual Contracts and Crypto Funding Rate

A Perpetual Contract trades like a Futures Contract, but never settles and never expires.

What is a Bitmex Perpetual Contract? 

Bitmex Perpetual Contracts are derivatives similar to classic Futures Contracts. These contracts enable crypto traders to speculate on both directions of the price of a cryptocurrency asset...

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"Learn and Train before you start to Trade"

TradingCenter provides the essential information and tools for learning and trading the Global Financial Markets, that includes q wide variety of educational resources, unique trading research, trading signals, trading reviews, and much more...


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TradingCenter provides essential information and tools for learning and trading the Global Financial Markets. TradingCenter helps investors to improve their skills and their level of understanding regarding core mechanisms of the trading process.

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